Hardware for PSI-Tools

Here some images of pre-amps and data recorders used to make records for first electric and acoustic interference integrals (acoustic images, nerve images, -films).

16-channel, 32 Bit digital controlled preamplifier for EEG- and acoustic measurement

Board of the digital controlled preamplifier, final version

The 12 bit analog-digital converter UEIDAC WIN30-DS for 16 channels was a full sized ISA-board within the personal computer (PC). 4 boards (64 channels) were possible

Pilot version of the digital controled EEG-amplifier (Diplomarbeit Michael Fritsch, FHTW-FB3, 1994)

8-channel linear EEG-preamplifier (pilot version)

8-channel, frequency-selective EEG-preamp (pilot version)

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