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Brillante Zitate (german)
Die neue Angst vor ewiger Verdammnis (german)
Corona Jahresrückblick 2020: Pandemie oder Grippewelle? (german)
The holographic brain - legacy of Karl Lashley, Donald Hebb, Lloyd Jeffress, Karl Pribram and Andrew Packard (english / german)
Digitalisierung des Telefons: Erste Schaltkreisentwürfe aus Ost-Berlin (german)
Können wir durch Nerven sehen - erste Bilder der Gedanken? (german)
Hörend Sehen - Wie akustische Bilder und Filme entstehen (german)
Kann man Rechner schneller machen? Einführung in die CMOS-Gatterdynamik (Dissertation) und (Kurzform)
Elektrodynamik des Meeres - haben Fische einen siebten Sinn? (1985) (german)

Bevölkerungsexplosion verursacht Erderwärmung und Kohlendioxid (german):
  • Steigt der Meeresspiegel wirklich an? Kap.3a
  • Rettet Corona unser Klima? Kap.13a
  • Energiepolitischer Selbstmord Kap.12
  • Woher soll 2030 die Energie kommen? Kap.19
  • Zum Wirkungsgrad elektrisch getriebener Fahrzeuge Anh.4
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  • Kosten von E-Mobilität Anh.12
  • CO2 von Verkehrsmitteln Anh.13
  • Wie kann eine technologiekompatible Energiewende aussehen? Anh.14
  • Heizen mit Erdgas oder mit Wärmepumpe? Anh.15
  • Können wir Nord-Stream energetisch ersetzen? Anh.17

  • Zu verkaufen, zu verschenken, zu tauschen ... (german)

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    Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent.
    Albert Einstein

    Wave Interference Networks

    Have you ever dreamed of your site getting lots of the first hits on the Google search engine? The predecessor of this page had it around the turn of the millennium: When searching for "Akustische Kamera" or "Acoustic Camera" on Webferret or Yahoo. No wonder: there was no second one back then. Their software was originally called "Bio-Interface" and was intended to interact with the brain. Unfortunately, the data from the nervous system were still unusable at the time. But acoustical data were!

    Figure: Adaption of the mind- and body-vision of Descartes (See origin here) - enhanced as interference circuit for analogy between optical and nerve-wave interference (move the mouse slowly over the image)

    Von Netzwerken, die Sehen,
    Hören, Fühlen oder Denken

    oder ein wenig

    Mathematik des Nervensystems

    (About networks, that see, hear, feel or think
    or some mathematics of the nervous system)

    All of our digital technology (computing, communication, automation) is synchronized by clocks. Information is transmitted on single pathways. As with a bus stop: A value must be available some time before the bus departs in order to be taken along. The clock ensures (as time) that a value cannot be confused with a value sent before or after. We call them clock-synchronized networks.

    Unlike in the gray matter of the cortical nervous system. The geometric pulse lengths are short in relation to the pathways length. Synchronization with clocks is impossible because clocks run much too slowly for the network to be useable for synchronization - clocks show different times everywhere.

    How is it possible that communication can still take place in such clockless networks? If we remember optical images, these also have no clock. Nevertheless, they can transmit information: as image.

    In the nervous system, too, communication is only possible image-like via several paths. The goal is reached where an impulse that is sent out on many different paths meets itself again. Only there is the superimposition (interference) of the partial pulses so high that a neuron can be excited.

    While clocked networks can transmit information along a single track, in clockless networks (interference networks) the delays of the various paths determine the destination. That means, the receiver neuron cannot find out, where is the origin of information .

    But clockless networks can only transmit data as images, not as data streams. As in optics, a template is projected onto an image field as a mirror image. Interference networks therefore have more in common with optics than with the digital technology we are familiar with. So we are dealing with a completely unknown, second computer science.

    The homepage should help to better understand this pulse wave informatics of the nervous system.

    Wave Interference in Nerve Nets

    Index: History of Interference Networks and Acoustic Cameras (engl.) (german)
    About nerve velocities (german)
    Overview about interference integral properties (german), (english)
    Buch "Neuronale Interferenzen" (german)
    Animations for 1-dim and 2-dim waves (german)
    FAQs about Nerve Nets, Interference Nets and Acoustic Cameras (english)
    Time function waves, interference integrals and field theory (english)
    Konishi-Jeffress model of noise localisation (german), (english)
    Andrew Packard found color waves on squids (german)
    Pioneers of interference network research (english)
    The holographic brain - legacy of Karl Lashley, Donald Hebb, Lloyd Jeffress, Karl Pribram and Andrew Packard (english), (german)
    About time-functions (german)
    Short intro: Interference network (english)
    Understanding somatotopic areas (german)
    Edith's Fliege (german)
    First results discovering interference networks (german), (english)
    Delays on an Integrated Circuit (german)
    A story behind the idea (german)
    Some highlights (german)
    Bionet-Workshops (english)
    Some historical fotos (english)

    Wave Interference of Noise -
    Discovery of Acoustic Photo- and Cinematography

    Index: First acoustic photos and films (german/english)
    Time table of first acoustic images and films (german)
    Early acoustic films 1997 - 2004 (english)
    Zur Physik bildgebender Rekonstruktion akustischer Bilder und Filme im Zeitbereich (german)
    Virtuelle Wellen und akustische Bildgebung (german)
    History and application in car-industry (german)
    JB94: First acoustic image 1994 (german)
    JB96: Some highlights 1996 (german)
    First reports about the invention (german)
    About some special Acoustic Camera Properties (german)
    First 3-dimensional noise reconstructions
    (german reports: IMF 1999, 3DS 2000)


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